A Professional Appraiser Can Help Determine The Right Price For Your Home

House prices in Canada have skyrocketed in recent years with many cities seeing an increase in prices. The housing market across the country is red-hot with houses seemingly selling within days or just a few weeks of being on the market. If your home has been for sale for longer than you believe it should, the reason could very well be price, but there are various reasons for limited interest in a property. A professional appraiser may help you figure out any issues including price.

It's Not Just Price that Will Sell Your Home

For homes that have been on the market longer than perhaps the norm for your area, it could very well be more than just the listing price. When you price your own home, you tend to put your emotional attachment to the property onto the sale price. This isn't the best way to decide what price to list at. When there are other properties in the vicinity that sell for high prices or close to what you would like, this also doesn't mean your own home will sell for the same amount.

A professional can look into the history of the homes for sale in the area to determine why those homes sold for the prices they did. For example, the house might have received extensive renovations, is larger in square footage, has more bedrooms or bathrooms and might even have a basement apartment.

Professionals Can Get Feedback and Information

When your home has limited interest, there may be a range of factors. A professional will have access to the property's history, previous listings and selling price, and they can get feedback from potential buyers as well as other real estate professionals. They can determine whether the problem with the home is the selling price or some other factor such as decor, if there are repairs or renovations needed or even if any updates of the home's electrical, roof or plumbing play as factors.

In Canada, only those qualified to give an educated opinion or advice on the market value of home are permitted to do so. This means realtors or salespeople who do not have the required education may not help in valuing the home. When you are searching for a real estate professional, and you would like their opinion on your home's value, ensure that they are qualified to do so before hiring them. There are professional real estate agents or brokers, like those at Shaske & Zeiner Appraisal Consultants Ltd, so ask questions and ask for their qualifications.