Three Ways Your Locksmith Can Help You Babyproof Your Home

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby can be both joyous and stressful. You may be thinking of all the things you need to do to your home to prepare for your little one's arrival, and that can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you don't have to do everything by yourself. There are many babyproofing tasks that your local locksmith can help you with. Here are three of the many ways your locksmith can help you prepare for the arrival of your little bundle of joy.

Covert Cameras

Locksmiths regularly install security camera systems for homes, which means they have the skills needed to install covert nanny-type cameras in your home. You can have cameras installed in your nursery, living room and kitchen so you can monitor how your nanny or babysitter interacts with your child. These cameras can be hidden in the walls behind a picture frame, which prevents your child care provider from realizing the cameras are present.

Baby Gates

While those plastic tension gates can be handy in some cases, having a gate professionally installed provides a more secure and safe option for keeping your child off of stairs and out of certain rooms in your home. permanently installed metal or wood gates bring a much more attractive look to your home, and they don't have the tendency to tip over like the temporary gates do. Have your locksmith install one at the top and bottom of your staircase and in the entrance to your kitchen to keep your baby safe as he or she starts to crawl and walk.

New Door And Window Locks

Some door and window locks are easy for little hands to open. This is especially true for patio doors and sliding windows, which can sometimes have  latches that are well within the reach of a toddler. Have your locksmith install new locks at the top of the windows and patio door so your child can't open them when you aren't looking. Your locksmith can also install locks an latches for your front door, such as childproof deadbolts. Talk to your locksmith about door knob and lock options that will keep your children safe and secure.

Your locksmith can also help you with other safety and security measures that provide added peace of mind. From new locks to a smartphone-operated home security system, there are many different options to keep your growing family safe at home. For more information, contact a professional like Ottawa Key Shop locksmith.