4 Bad Habits That Can Lead To A House Fire

Having your house burn down is one of the most devastating things any family can face. Even if all people and pets make it out safely, your valuables, photos, and home itself may be lost forever. Dealing with insurance and repairs takes months, and the whole experience will be emotionally and psychologically difficult. Luckily, most house fires are preventable. In order to protect your home and family, be sure to avoid these four bad habits:

Letting Your Chimney Go Uncleaned

Over time, ash and debris in your chimney builds up into a highly flammable oily compound known as creosote. Dirty chimneys are a common source of house fires. Be sure to have a professional chimney sweep clean your chimney once a year before you begin using your fireplace for the winter. In addition, be sure to never light a fire before first checking to make sure the flue is open.

Performing Your Own DIY Electrical Projects

Unless you are a trained electrician, you should leave all but the most basic electrical projects to the professionals. One small misjudgment when it comes to rewiring a room or installing new electrical wiring can lead to dangerous electrical sparks, which in turn can create a house fire very quickly. In addition, unless you really know what you are doing, you may be at risk of electrocuting yourself.

Letting Dryer Lint Accumulate

If you let dryer lint accumulate instead of cleaning it out every time you dry a load of clothes, you may be asking for trouble. As dryer lint accumulates, it begins to block airflow and lead to your dryer overheating, which can cause a fire. Cleaning out your dryer lint regularly has another bonus in addition to making your home less susceptible to house fires: it also makes your dryer work more efficiently, potentially saving you money on your energy bill.

Using Too Many Extension Cords

Extension cords are only designed to be a short-term answer to a lack of electrical outlets, not a long-term solution. Crowding your outlets with a bunch of extension cords overloads them, which can cause an electrical fire. A much better and safer option is to hire an electrician to add more electrical outlets so that you always have enough sources of power for all of your appliances and electronic devices.

No one ever wants to lose their beloved home in a fire. By avoiding these bad habits, you can rest easy knowing you are doing everything you can to protect your home and your family from a potentially devastating fire.

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