Luck Of The Draw: A Few Things To Know About Moving Into An Auction Home

Auctions present an opportunity to purchase a home in your area for less expensive prices. Tax auctions and bank auctions for homes mean that you can get a home for well under its typical sale value. If you are looking for a new home for you and your family and you have money saved up, you may want to attend a real estate auction. At the auction, you can spend up to your cash budget and own a home. There are a few caveats to purchasing an auction home that you should be aware of before buying. Here is what you may need to know. 

You may need to perform a constructive eviction

If someone is currently living in the home that you purchase, you will usually need to go through the eviction process in order to remove the persons from the home. Often in real estate auctions, you may have the old homeowner still in the home, or you may have a renter that carried over from the last owner. Be sure you are willing to wait a few months before moving into the home in the event that you need to file and pay for an eviction. 

There is no guarantee on the home's interior

It is always best to expect the worst when you enter a real estate auction home. There may only be cosmetic damage that you have to spruce up when you buy the home. If the home that you purchase is older, there could be some structural damage that can be a large expense. One way that you can find out issues with the home in the past, is to pull up old advertisements for the home's sale. Some homeowners and banks try to sell the home on the open market before it goes to auction. These advertisements may give you more information on the home's condition. 

Look up the homeowner's associations

The list of homes that will be going up for auction can typically be found prior to the actual date of the auction. This gives you time to look up the neighborhoods and the homeowner's association that you may be joining by purchasing a home. You want to make sure to look over their rules and any complaints that the people living within the association may have. This can help you avoid bidding on a home that you find unlivable due to rules later on.   

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